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ᜊᜃᜓᜈᜏ Bakunawa Hoodie

ᜊᜃᜓᜈᜏ Bakunawa Hoodie

Bakunawa Hoodie


Celebrate Filipino Culture with the Majestic Bakunawa Dragon

Step into a world where mythology and culture intertwine, with our tribute to the legendary Bakunawa dragon. This iconic creature, deeply rooted in Filipino folklore, is brought to life in a captivating image that showcases the intricate details and rich symbolism of our heritage.


A Mythical Marvel: The Bakunawa Dragon

The Bakunawa dragon has fascinated generations with its mythical allure. As a symbol of power, mystery, and the eternal dance between light and darkness, it's a representation of the intricate duality within Filipino culture. Our design captures the essence of this legendary creature, paying homage to our past while embracing our future.


Embrace the Legacy: Filipino Heritage Unveiled

This depiction of the Bakunawa dragon is more than just art; it's a celebration of Filipino culture. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns tell a story of a people deeply connected to their roots, their myths, and their land. With every gaze upon the design, you're reminded of the rich tapestry that is Filipino heritage.


A Journey Through Time: Tradition Meets Modernity

Our celebration of the Bakunawa dragon is a bridge between the past and the present. It's a nod to the ancient stories that have shaped us, and a declaration that these stories continue to thrive in the modern world. It's an invitation to connect with the heart of our culture, sparking conversations that bridge generations.


Wear Your Pride: Uniting Through Culture

Wearing this image of the Bakunawa dragon is more than an act of fashion; it's a statement of pride, a connection to the stories that have defined us for centuries. It's a conversation starter, a way to share our culture with the world, and a reminder that the threads of tradition run deep within us.