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Cruisin Collection

Immerse yourself in our Philippine Cruising Collection, a celebration of the unique vehicles and modes of transportation that are unique to the Philippines and an integral part of Filipino culture.

Discover our collection of apparel and accessories that highlight the iconic Jeepney, the colorful and artfully decorated symbol of Filipino public transportation. Embrace the charm of the Tricycle, the versatile three-wheeled vehicle that navigates the narrow streets of local neighborhoods. Experience the nostalgia of the pedicab, the traditional bicycle-powered cart that provides a leisurely ride around town. And don't forget the timeless tradition of riding carabao's or carabao-pulled carts, a glimpse into the rural heritage of the Philippines.

Each piece in our Philippine Cruising Collection is thoughtfully designed to pay homage to these beloved modes of transportation. The vibrant prints and high-quality materials reflect the cultural significance and vibrancy of Filipino cruising.

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