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San Jose: Sign Making BBQ with the International Migrants Alliance

Join the International Migrants Alliance for a Sign Making BBQ in preparation for San Jose International Worker's Day, or May Day! Come and hang out with grassroots organizations in creating signs, practing our chants, and eating delicious food. Everyone is welcome! What is May Day? On May 1, 1898, Chicago workers striked for the eight hour workday. Over one hundred years later, May Day, or International Worker's Day, has become a historic symbol of economic struggle. As neoliberal policies and fascist administrations across the world have attacked im/migrant and working class communities, from Palestine to Mexico to San Jose, join us on May 1 for a March to Break Down Walls and Build Bridges! What is the International Migrants Alliance? The International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA) is the first-ever global alliance of organizations of grassroots migrants, refugees and displaced peoples. Established in June 2008, the IMA aims to strengthen and put forward the voice of the grassroots migrants on issues affecting them and their families. Currently, the IMA has more than 120 member organizations from more than 30 countries worldwide.

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