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ᜋᜇᜒᜇᜒᜋ - Mandirigma Basketball Shorts

ᜋᜇᜒᜇᜒᜋ - Mandirigma Basketball Shorts

Mandirigma is a tagalog word for warrior.


These are true to size and designed to have above the knee fit.
Premium Heavyweight Quality Mesh
Warrior Tribal Print


Size Chart

Extra Small - Waist - 26-28, Length 15.5

Small - Waist 28 - 30, Length 16

Medium - WAIST 30-32, LENGTH 16.5

Large - WAIST 32- 34. LENGTH 17

Extra Large - Waist  34 - 36, length 18

2XL - Waist 36 - 38, Length 19


Unleash Your Warrior Spirit with Our Tribal Print Basketball Shorts in Golden State Warriors Colorway! 🏀✨


Embrace the fusion of Filipino motifs and basketball fandom with our meticulously designed shorts. Featuring a captivating tribal print inspired by the rich indigenous heritage of the Philippines, and the iconic colorway of the Golden State Warriors, these shorts are a true reflection of strength, unity, and Filipino pride. 🇵🇭💛💙


Our basketball shorts showcase an eye-catching tribal pattern that represents the diversity and cultural tapestry of the Philippines. Each intricate detail tells a story of indigenous traditions and artistic expression, creating a visual masterpiece that honors our heritage.


The incorporation of the Golden State Warriors colorway adds a touch of basketball passion, paying homage to the sport that unites fans worldwide. The combination of the vibrant tribal print and the iconic colors of the Warriors creates a unique synergy that celebrates the indomitable spirit of Filipino basketball enthusiasts.


Crafted with superior quality materials, our tribal print basketball shorts offer optimal comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement. Whether you're shooting hoops, attending a game, or simply showcasing your love for both Filipino culture and basketball, these shorts are a statement of your fierce spirit and unwavering dedication.


Unite your love for basketball and Filipino heritage with our tribal print basketball shorts in the Golden State Warriors colorway. Order your pair today and join the league of proud Filipino fans making a stylish statement on and off the court. 🌟🏀"



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