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Elle Karayan

We believe that Indigenous is the future!

Formerly known as Daily Malong, Karayan is a BIPOC and Filipinx woman-owned fashion brand with a powerful purpose. Our team of creatives is on a mission to empower Indigenous communities in the Philippines, sharing their legacy of ancestral knowledge with Filipinx diasporic communities across the globe.

Founder Lydia Querian spearheads our vision, driven by the resounding belief that "Indigenous is the future." In her steadfast dedication, Lydia envisions a world where the invaluable practices of Indigenous communities are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the future. By marrying the timeless wisdom of the past with the opportunities of the present, we stand as ambassadors of traditions, protectors of the environment, and champions of change.

Every piece of clothing we create is made with handwoven Indigenous textiles serving as a living testament to resilience to the diverse weaving communities across the Philippines. These textiles, when donned today, bear the weight of history and the narrative of ancestral lineages across the Philippines. They bridge generations, offering both wearers and weavers a profound connection that transcends time. Through this connection, we navigate the challenges of societal adversity, work towards climate preservation, and endeavor to restore balance to our environment.

Lydia's journey through the diverse Indigenous communities of the Philippines illuminated a pressing concern – the gradual erosion of ancestral wisdom among the youth, largely influenced by centuries of colonization and the pervasive sway of Western culture. Armed with this realization, Karayan emerged as a beacon of hope. Through our sustainably and ethically sourced clothing, we showcase the deep-rooted appreciation of Indigenous culture, urging its continuous practice. By rekindling this connection, we empower the younger generation to play an active role in continuing living traditions, passed down through oral traditions from their elders.

Gone are the days when seekers of Filipino Indigenous items had to traverse oceans to acquire them. Since embracing our new identity as Karayan, we've revolutionized accessibility. Our virtual storefront has been a bridge connecting Filipinx from various diasporic backgrounds, spanning the globe, with their very own pieces of our culture. The echoes of our legacy now reverberate across borders, uniting kindred souls in their shared appreciation for the beauty of Indigenous Filipino traditions.

Our journey has ignited a spark that has kindled the creativity of countless weavers, makers and artisans from different parts of Mindanao and the Cordilleras. Karayan's influence extends beyond our own fashion house, sparking a mindful movement where artists and creators explore the embodiment of Indigenous wisdom in their own work. As ambassadors of cultural reverence, we take immense pride in our role, laying the path for a more rooted and connected future.

Karayan is a conduit for change, a testament to strength and resilience. It is a transformative voyage as we honor our elders, embolden our present, and protect the legacy of Indigenous traditions for the generations that will shape our future through fashion.

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