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PFW Bolero - Kayumangi

PFW Bolero - Kayumangi

Introducing Karayan's Kayumangi Bolero Butterfly Sleeves with a Touch of Inaul – a true embodiment of sustainable fashion, cultural richness, and international acclaim. This stunning bolero is a testament to the craftsmanship of the weavers of Sultan Kudarat in the Southern Philippines, where tradition converges with contemporary style.


Crafted from sustainably sourced linen and adorned with a touch of authentic Inaul fabric, this bolero is a celebration of conscious fashion. The Kayumangi Bolero boasts butterfly sleeves, adding a whimsical and elegant flair to any outfit. The Inaul accents, sourced from the skilled artisans of Sultan Kudarat, showcase intricate patterns and vibrant hues, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region.


This unique piece not only elevates your style with a touch of sophistication but also contributes to the global movement towards sustainable and ethically sourced fashion. The use of eco-friendly materials and support for local weavers make the Kayumangi Bolero a symbol of responsible and mindful consumption.


Featured prominently in Paris Fashion Week 2023, this bolero has garnered international recognition for its fusion of cultural authenticity and high fashion. Its presence on the global stage attests to the universal appeal of the Southern Philippines' weaving traditions and the commitment to sustainable practices in the fashion industry.


Whether you're attending a high-profile event or seeking to make a statement with your everyday wardrobe, the Kayumangi Bolero Butterfly Sleeves with a Touch of Inaul offers the perfect blend of elegance, cultural flair, and environmental consciousness. Elevate your fashion choices with this remarkable piece that not only transcends borders but also embodies a commitment to preserving cultural heritage and promoting sustainable living.


Designed by: Lydia Querian


Disclaimer: Despite every effort to provide accurate images, product color may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or your device screen settings.


*hat and pants not included*


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