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Kirby Araullo: Alamat ng Bagyo? Pinoy Historian Explains Mind-Blowing Typhoon Mythology ⛈️🇵🇭⛈️

Let’s learn more about the almost forgotten mind-blowing mythology about the mighty typhoons!⛈️🌀⛈️ Saan nga ba nagmmula ang mga Bagyo? Alamin natin ang mahiwagang mitolohiyang bumabalot sa bawat pag pagaspas ng malalakas na hangin, sa pagbuhos ng malalakas na ulan, at pag-apaw ng mga baha tuwing bumabagyo! 🌊🦅⛈️ *English Subtitles now available!* 📺 Subscribe (YouTube): 🎥 Support my videos: 🔥 New “Chibi Galura” Merch: 👑 “Chibi Lakan" Merch: 📚 My Book: "Black Lives & Brown Freedom" about the untold history of solidarity between Black and Filipinos in the events surrounding the almost forgotten Philippine-American War 👉 👈 ⚠️ URGENT: Donations Needed! ⚠️ NAFCON’s Bayanihan Relief & Rehabilitation in Response to Recent Typhoons in the Philippines Salámat! ❤️💛💚 #KnowHistoryKnowSelf#KnowYourRoots Related Videos: 🐲 Pinoy HIstorian Reacts to Raya and the Last Dragon: 😱 Pinoy Historian Reacts to Filipino Mythical Creatures: 🌟 Where Did Parol Come From? 🎄 Why Filipino Christmas Starts in September: Related Playlists: 🇵🇭 Kasaysayan at Kultura ng Pilipinas: 📜 Untold History of the Philippines: 🇲🇱 Luzones History: 📚 Resources & Further Learning: Ágúman Sínúpan Singsing, Inc. Research Institute & Center for Kapampángan Cultural Heritage Ámalátan Lecture Series by Bapang Mike Pángilinan (2010 Most Outstanding Kapampángan Awardee for Culture and 2016, Talasínup king Singsing) About Kirby: Kirby Pábalan-Táyag Aráullo is a renowned Filipino Culture Bearer and currently the National Coordinator for Culture and Heritage for NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns). He is a Dátû and Lakan by blood, a direct descendant of the last indigenous Paramount Kings of Luzon (of both Lakandúlâ of Tondo and Rája Matandá of Maynílâ), and of the anti-colonial revolutionary Katipuneros who fought for the liberation of the Philippines from colonialism. Kirby's upbringing exposed him to the contradicting worlds of traditional politics and grassroots activism. With a keen interest in varying fields (such as history, culture, government, and human rights) and a strong commitment to serve the community, Kirby studied in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Harvard, UC Davis, and Université catholique de Louvain. Kirby is also the Co-Founder of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies and author of the book “Black Lives & Brown Freedom: Untold Histories of War, Solidarity, & Genocide.” He is a visiting professor at various colleges in the Philippines and a research fellow with Sínúpan Singsing, an institute for indigenous advocacy and the study of Kapampángan language, history, and culture. Dátû Kirby is an educator who is well-rooted in his culture and passionate about his heritage; he strives to decolonize Philippine history and democratize Ethnic Studies through knowledge and play.


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