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Kayumanggi Collection

Celebrating Kayumanggi: Embracing the Shades of Brown in Our Identity In the diverse tapestry of cultures and histories that make up the Philippines, one word resonates deeply - Kayumanggi. This beautiful Filipino term encompasses the rich spectrum of brown, the same color that mirrors the essence of our skin. It's a hue that holds stories of heritage, resilience, and unity, and it's at the heart of our latest collection.

The Kayumanggi Collection: Embracing Our Roots Our new collection is a celebration of Kayumanggi, a visual ode to the shades of brown that define us as a people. From the deep earthy tones to the warm sun-kissed hues, every shade of brown carries a piece of our history and identity. Just as the Bakunawa, the mythical serpent, winds its way through legends, our Kayumanggi collection weaves the threads of tradition and innovation.

Reimagining Legends: Lapu-Lapu as the Archangel or a Shinobi This collection goes beyond fashion. It's a narrative of reimagining, reshaping, and reclaiming. We honor Lapu-Lapu, the fearless chief who stood against colonization, by envisioning him as the Archangel Michael

or a skilled Shinobi. The spirit of resistance lives on in these artistic interpretations, empowering our community to unlearn and relearn the stories that define us.

Rooted in Strength: The Majestic Tree The Kayumanggi collection features an image of a tree with its roots on full display. Just like this tree, our roots anchor us, reminding us of our past while nourishing our growth. Each branch symbolizes a story, and every leaf signifies a memory. As the tree stretches towards the sky, so do we, embracing our heritage as we forge ahead. In a world of constant change, the Kayumanggi collection is a reminder of our enduring identity. From the majestic Bakunawa to the reimagined Lapu-Lapu, and the rooted tree, every design speaks to our shared narrative. It's a declaration that our shades of brown hold power, history, and unity.

Empowering Our Community With every piece from the Kayumanggi collection, we strive to empower our community. It's not just about wearing a garment; it's about wearing our stories. It's about honoring where we come from while celebrating where we're headed. The shades of brown unite us, reminding us that we're all connected by the threads of history.


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