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Conversation About Angelo Quinto and the Importance of Mental Health Awareness. Blazi Blah EP 2

Blazi Blah Podcast: EP2 with my good friend Alexa of Anakbayan Silicon Valley. IG @sincerelyalexa._ IG @anakbayansv It was just me and Alexa catching up and sharing update with our lives. We talked about Angelo Quinto, how it hit so close to home, update on the families demand for justice and how you can stay updated and support.

Here's a link for #justiceforangeloquinto​ to learn more and stay updated.

We also talked about the importance of mental health and mental health resources in our communities.

Heres the link for the audio version:

Here's a link for available Filipinx therapist

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): nami.orgReal: https://www.join-real.comLiberate

App (Meditation for POC) :


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