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Learn baybayin

Here is a visual & reference guide in learning the 17 characters of Baybayin.

It's also my own hand written style, stroke and or penmanship.

Origins of Baybayin / Incorrectly known as Alibata

Although the major languages of the Philippines are now written using the Roman alphabet, the languages were first represented using a script related to and directly or indirectly derived from the scripts of India. The script has had a rather short history, having come into use around AD 1000-1200. and for the most part becoming extinct in the late 18th century. However, two forms of the indigenous scripts still survive to present day: the script used by the Tagbanwa from the island of Palawan, and the script used by the Mangyan (Hanunuo script) from the island of Mindoro. In truth, however, the origin of the script has not yet been ascertained, and various theories abound. 

There's also Buhid, (closely related to Hanunuo and baybayin) and Kulitan, used to write Kapampangan.

Baybayin Character Guide
Baybayin Characters Fonts

Baybayin Characters

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