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4/20 FREMONT: Breaking Bread with Ed: A Community Forum with Ed Cubelo

Ed Cubelo is the Chairman of the Metro Manila Chapter of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement- KMU), the largest and most militant labor center that promotes genuine, militant and anti-imperialist trade unionism in the Philippines. Ed has been organizing workers to fight for the interests of working people and against exploitative conditions rising from neoliberal economic policies 30 years, including as president of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association since the 1990s. In recent years, Ed and KMU have been leading campaigns for an increase in the national minimum wage and against the rampant contractualization of jobs that have led to the erosion of job security and massive job losses. This community forum is part of a larger nation-wide speaking tour hosted in the Bay Area. Join community members, organizations, and human rights advocates to learn about the Filipino people's resistance in the time of Duterte!

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