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3/23 SANTA CLARA: LEAD Filipino - 3rd Annual Fly Pinays

To All Our Fly Pinays: Since 2017, LEAD Filipino's Fly Pinays program has paired over 200 Filipina professionals and students in mentorship and sisterhood from across the Northern California region. Founded on bringing leaders together from across sectors, the program emphasizes Filipina leadership development, community visibility, and positive sisterhood. Fly Pinays is about lived and symbolic experience. Lived, in that you participate (as a mentee or mentor) and share your stories of success and resilience. Symbolic, in that you will be contributing to a program rooted in pipeline-building and support within our community. Fly Pinays is curated to be a space for both our students and professionals -- new or returning, despite your profession or interests, you will find that the program resonates with you. Through two distinct events (our Pre-Session and Leadership Summit), mentors and mentees learn alongside each other in a series of activities, workshops, and guest speakers. We present our 3rd Annual Fly Pinays this coming Women's Herstory Month: Fly Pinays Pre-Session Mentors & Mentees DaySaturday, March 2nd10am-2pmSan Jose State3rd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership SummitSaturday, March 23rd9am-4pmSouth Bay (TBD) Headlining speakers, performers, and workshop topics will be announced in the coming weeks. Visit for updates! Apply today -- deadline February 23rd. ------ FAQs ------ Can previous mentors and mentees participate in our 3rd Annual Fly Pinays?Absolutely! Fly Pinays is about bringing a community that holds common cause, together. If you've participated in previous years, we would love and welcome you back. Who are the guest speakers and what will the workshops be about? Our team is working hard to build a program that responds to and reflects what we've heard through our Fly Pinays focus groups. Stay tuned on exciting updates. Do I have to be a currently enrolled student to participate as a mentee? No, you don't have to be a current student. If you are junior in your career and are exploring options, please sign up to be a mentee. If you're pivoting in your career and considering other opportunities, sign up to be a mentee. How does LEAD Filipino pair mentors and mentees? We base our pairing entirely on your application responses. We rely on the descriptive information you provide to make the best and informed decision - we can - on mentor and mentee pairings. From shared career interests, areas of study, geographic region, and hobbies - we do the best we can. What is the commitment level for mentors and mentees?We're all adults! LEAD Filipino organizes two distinct events (Pre-Session for Mentors & Mentees, 3/2 and the Leadership Summit, 3/23) to facilitate interactions and the beginnings of a friendship. Past mentors and mentees meet up for quarterly lunches, have attended other conferences together, go on group hikes, celebrate what works for you! What is the March 2nd Pre-Session?The Pre-Session will be a half-day event that first, reveals this year's mentor and mentee pairings. The event will feature interactive activities, leadership exercises, and coaching workshops to help break the ice for our mentors and mentees. What is the Leadership Summit?The Leadership Summit is a day conference that celebrates Fly Pinays' core themes: Filipina identity, sisterhood, and mentorship. The event will have guest speakers, panel sessions, and workshops on topics related to Mental Health, Cultural History, Women's Rights, and more for our mentors and mentees to engage in. Is Fly Pinays only for Filipinas? No! LEAD Filipino does not exclude or preclude any community member from participating in Fly Pinays. If you know any female-identifying community member that could benefit from mentorship, please, encourage them to sign up. What if I can't attend the Pre-Session? How will I meet my mentor/mentee? The week leading up to the Pre-Session (3/2) LEAD Filipino will send emails, connecting both of you. The Pre-Session is intentionally held a few weeks before the Summit to allow mentors and mentees to meet before the Summit. If you cannot attend the Pre-Session we ask both the mentors and mentees to make a real attempt at meeting for coffee, etc., before. Is there a cost to participate in Fly Pinays? No, through our gracious sponsors and donors, we're able to offer the program at no cost. Question not Answered? Contact:

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