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Four Years After Haiyan, Call for Rehabilitation & Justice Continues

NAFCON sends our heartfelt solidarity to the people of Eastern Visayas commemorating the 4th anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan. We are with you in remembering. We remember the shock and sadness as news of widespread and tremendous destruction of homes, schools, and entire communities were reported. Coconut trees and other agricultural products, the main source of livelihood for many peasant communities, were completely devastated. We also remember the shock of countless body bags in the streets. Thousands of lives were lost due to this disaster and millions more displaced. We are with you in rebuilding. NAFCON members and supporters have been on the ground in Tacloban, Catbalogan, and other areas of Leyte and Samar in the Eastern Visayas region over the past few years to take part in solidarity missions as an expression of our support that goes beyond relief donations. We know that relief and rehabilitation is most effective when organizations and the people power behind them work directly with those communities most impacted. We stand with the people for long-term rehabilitation of Haiyan-affected communities, and not just for quick band aid solutions. NAFCON has taken this issue up to continue the fight for environmental justice in the Philippines with an understanding that communities like yours were suffering long before Haiyan hit, from deep poverty and landlessness, government neglect and corruption, to plunder of your natural resources by foreign corporations. We are with you in fighting for justice. NAFCON continues our commitment, organizing projects and activities to support communities and schools in the Philippines with the ultimate goal of helping bring peace to those communities. Filipinos in the US are concerned with the disheartening human rights situation under the current Duterte administration, and we are with you in seeking justice for the effects of Haiyan as well as the worsening conditions brought about by the callousness and fascism of the Philippine government. As US President Trump makes his rounds throughout the Asia-Pacific, including the Philippines, we will hold simultaneous protests in various cities in the US to oppose US government and corporate moves that perpetuate poverty in the Philippines for their own money-making interests. In the name of “rehabilitation” and “aid,” international businesses are lining up to exploit resources and profit-driven development schemes in Eastern Visayas at the expense of the local environment and the people. We have seen this opportunistic agenda in places like New Orleans post-Katrina and Marawi under Martial Law. We will continue to build people power to support the demand of Haiyan survivors for justice, lasting peace and truly people-centered development. NAFCON fully supports the demands of Haiyan survivors expressed by People Surge: 1. Investigate and prosecute officials from the previous administration involved in criminal negligence and corruption over missing Haiyan funds and relief goods. 2. Permanent and free housing for all Haiyan survivors with no pre-condition or amortization schemes 3. Basic social services such as water and electricity in relocation sites 4. Pull out military troops from the provinces of Eastern Visayas and hold accountable perpetrators of extrajudicial killings of farmers and activists. 5. Review current government rehabilitation programs and ensure pro-people rehabilitation for all. ### Nov 7, 2017 Reference: AV David, NAFCON Secretary General,, 650-491-4561 #RememberHaiyan #SurgeForward #RabunosSinirangan

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