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Portland: Delano Manongs: Delano Grape Strike of 1965

Delano Manongs

Come out and support Anakbayan Portland's monthly Fil-Am Center series 'Filipino-American: Finding Your Place in the Hyphen'! This month we will be discussing the Delano Manongs. Filipino labor organizer, Larry Itliong, a cigar-chomping union veteran, organized a group of 1500 Filipinos to strike against the grape growers of Delano, California, beginning a collaboration between Filipinos, Chicanos and other ethnic workers that would go on for years. The impact of this movement, shows the importance for youth and students to rally and fight for workers rights, continuing the legacy of the Delano Manongs. Build with fellow community members and order delicious food from Kuya's Cuisine! We look forward to see you there! :) This screening is part of the #MayDayPDX #WorkersUnite political education campaign, connecting the struggles of organizations working in Oregon to the history and enduring legacy of International Workers Day (better known as May Day). Join us on Friday evening and rise up in solidarity with us at Shemanski Park on May 1st! Until Victory, Anakbayan Portland FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ANAKBAYAN PORTLAND AT ANAKBAYANPDX@GMAIL.COM

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