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AstraLogik - Here & Now OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Here and Now is found on the Dream Awake EP. Download the "Dream Awake EP" for free here: Follow AstraLogik in Spotify and listen to "Dream Awake EP": ====== AstraLogik is a series of circles… an eternal bond between two singer -songwriters, entwined with listeners and interlaced with the realms of physical reality and the spiritual unknown. These indestructible circles are crafted by the resounding principles of love and self empowerment that every soul deserves. ========= Special Thanks to the People who made this Video a Reality! The kindness of your talent & time has helped create a beautiful reality for us, and we are humbled by the big hearts of you, our community CAST & VIDEO CREW DIRECTED BY Jethro Patalinghung PRODUCED BY Jethro Patalinghung AstraLogik DANCERS Brian Rapaido Jeannette Rapaido RJ Yamat Ryan Arellano HUMAN FOG-MACHINES Bernard Sapitola Thomas Maralit Julie Nguyen DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY James Rumohr CINEMATOGRAPHERS / LIGHTING Daniel Sarellano-Ortiz Domingo Soriano Ryan Hilario Kyle Donnelly EQUIPMENT / ASSISTANCE Domonique Rambler Yancy Trinidad STYLING Ellen Sesmundo Carino Xela Gaerlen MAKEUP Cathleene Deguzman Jaymee Gutierrez Renee Batres HAIR Jesselyn Mueller Liz Vizena - Shear Love FILMED AT Expressions College - San Jose, CA Art Institute - San Francisco, CA Jay-R Salazar's Badass Pad - San Jose, CA MUSIC Song & Lyrics - AstraLogik Lead Vocals - Charito Soriano Lead Guitar // Bass - Rowena "FunkCH3N” Conlu Production & Recording // Arrangement - Tim Atlas Vocal Production & Recording // Mixing - Ian Hicks Mastering - Twin Peaks Studio

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