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Philippine Mythology: Tala Hoodie

Philippine Mythology: Tala Hoodie

Discover the captivating world of Philippine mythology with our streetwear clothing collection featuring the enchanting image of Tala! Embrace the mythical allure and express your love for Filipino culture with our stylish and trendy apparel. From T-shirts to hoodies, our designs celebrate the beauty and mystique of Tala, the goddess of the stars. Step into a realm of legends and make a fashion statement that shines as brightly as the night sky. Shop now and let Tala guide your fashion journey with her celestial charm.


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Tala, the Tagalog Goddess of the Stars Gods and Goddesses from the Philippines Tala is the name of the Goddess of stars in Tagalog mythology. Her origins are varied depending on region. In one story,the Sun God Arao and the Moon Goddess Buan both had large families of stars, but Buan believed her stars could not survive the heat of Arao. They both agreed to destroy their stars. While Arao devoured his, Buan hid hers in the clouds, where they would occasionally emerge. Upon seeing this, Arao was filled with rage and is eternally in pursuit of the Buan, trying to destroy her. Eclipses are explained by Arao getting close enough to bite her. At dawn, Buan hides the stars and brings them forth only when her eldest daughter, Tala (the evening and morning star) says the sun is too far away to pursue them. Derived from this myth are the Tagalog words tala, which means “bright star”, araw (sun) and buwan (moon). This story has very close parallels to stories among non-Filipino cultures such as the Bihar, Semang, Savara and the Bhuiya tribes. In another myth, Tala is the daughter of the sky God Bathala and the sister of the moon Goddess Mayari, and Apolaki, the God of the sun.


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