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Philippine Mythology: Kidlat Crewneck

Philippine Mythology: Kidlat Crewneck




Unleash the electrifying power of Philippine mythology with our streetwear collection featuring the awe-inspiring Kidlat! Immerse yourself in the mythical world of Filipino folklore as you adorn yourself with our stylish and trendy apparel. From T-shirts to hoodies, our designs capture the essence of Kidlat, the god of lightning. Embrace the dynamic energy and fierce presence of Kidlat in every garment. Make a striking fashion statement that channels the electrifying spirit of Philippine mythology. Shop now and let Kidlat ignite your style with his thunderous allure.


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Meet Kidlat, the Tagalog Diwata (God) of Lightning ⚡. He is one of the sons of the supreme god Bathala. Kidlat is strictly devoted to his father while at the same time maintaining a close relationship with Mangkukulam, who is devoted to Bathala’s rival, the dark god Sitan. Kidlat’s lightning, together with Mangkukulam’s fury causes fire to rage upon an unsuspecting victim. Kidlat also plays a pivotal role during thunderstorms, along with the overbearing goddess of Wind and Rain, Anitun Tabu. ⚡⛈️⚡ . With fires and firestorms caused by lightning raging all over California today, we can’t help but imagine Kidlat playing a hand in it. Let’s hope he remains devoted to his father’s benevolence and keep all of us safe! 🔥⚡🔥 . “Kidlat” is also the Tagalog/Filipino word for lightning. .


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