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Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing

We are also are a professional custom T-shirt screen printing company.
Let our creative team transform your logo, ideas and concepts into custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers, bags and more for trade shows and other event driven occasions. Our client history includes university campus and community organizations like Stanford, Nafcon, San Jose State, and Chabot College and so on.

Why Print Your Custom T-shirts With Us?

Quality – Custom T-shirt Screen Printing
Ugat offers the finest quality custom t-shirt screen printing and customer service. Our custom screen printing offices employ in-house t-shirt designers to assist you in designing your custom t-shirts, custom sweatshirts and other custom clothing. We also have a dedicated staff of professional custom screen printers to ensure your printed custom t-shirt meets the highest screen printing standards.

We guarantee that we’ll complete your custom screen printing order on your schedule and for your deadline.
Price – Affordable Custom T-shirt Screen Printing
Ugat has developed pricing packages to fit your needs and your budget. No matter how large or small your organization, our competitive prices will get you the custom t-shirt screen printing that you need without breaking the bank.
Request a Quote – minimum order 24 pcs.

Contact us at
Things to prepare for a quote.
1. Quantity
2. High resolution image 
3. When do you need the apparel? (Due Date)


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