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Ugat Clothing

a vibrant and culturally rich Filipino streetwear brand that seamlessly weaves the threads of history, culture, lifestyle, and struggle into every stitch. Derived from the Filipino word "ugat," meaning roots, our clothing line is a celebration of the deep and intricate tapestry that is the Filipino heritage.

At Ugat, we take pride in crafting our Filipino clothing and apparel that tells a story, reflecting the resilience and diversity of the Filipino people and the Philippine archipelago. From bold designs inspired by indigenous patterns, Baybayin, Philippine mythology, our national heroes, Filipino food, activism and culture of resistance to modern twists on traditional symbols, each piece captures the essence of our roots.

Discover a unique fusion of streetwear style and Filipino pride as you explore our diverse range of collection. Our Filipino clothing not only pays homage to the rich history of the Philippines but also embraces the modern Filipino lifestyle back home in the motherland or in the diaspora.

Ugat Clothing is more than just a Filipino shirts; it's a movement in rediscovering and embracing the Filipino culture. Join us in celebrating the strength, beauty, and unity found in the roots of Filipino culture. Explore our collections and wear your heritage with pride. Embrace the past, live in the present, and stride confidently into the future with Ugat Clothing. 

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Vallejo PSN x Ugat Collaboration

Pre Order / Pick Up on June 1st
@ Vallejo Pista Sa Nayon Festival

Filipino Shirts
Filipino Shirts
Filipino Clothing
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