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Philippine Mythology: Bathala Hoodie

Philippine Mythology: Bathala Hoodie



Embark on a divine journey through Philippine mythology with our streetwear collection featuring the majestic Bathala! Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of Filipino folklore as you adorn yourself with our stylish and trendy apparel. From T-shirts to hoodies, our designs pay homage to Bathala, the supreme god and creator. Embrace the power and wisdom of Bathala as you make a bold fashion statement. Let the spirit of Philippine mythology guide your style and celebrate the rich cultural heritage. Explore our exclusive collection and discover the essence of Bathala.


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In the beginning of time, there were three powerful gods who lived in the universe, although they did not know each other. The three gods were #bathala, the caretaker of the earth, Ulilang Kaluluwa (Orphaned Spirit), a huge serpent who lived in the clouds, and Galang Kaluluwa (Wandering Spirit), the winged god who loves to travel. Bathala often dreamt of creating humans due to loneliness, but the empty earth forbids him to do so. One day, while Ulilang Kaluluwa was visiting the Earth, his favorite place, he met Bathala. Ulilang Kaluluwa was not pleased for he sees another god rivaling him, and so challenged Bathala to a fight to decide who would be the ruler of the universe. After three days and three nights of fighting, Bathala killed Ulilang Kaluluwa and burned his remains. A few years later, Galang Kaluluwa wandered into Bathala’s home. The winged god was welcomed by Bathala with much kindness and invited him to live in his kingdom. The two gods became true friends, and they happily spent many years together. However, Galang Kaluluwa became very ill. Before he died, he instructed Bathala to bury him on the spot where Ulilang Kaluluwa’s body was burned. Bathala did exactly as he was told. Out of the grave of the two gods sprouted a coconut tree. Bathala took a big round nut from the tall tree and husked it. The nut reminded him of the Galang Kaluluwa’s head, while the leaves reminded him of his friend’s wings. He also noticed that the trunk was hard and ugly like the body of his enemy, Ulilang Kaluluwa. Bathala realized that he was ready to create the creatures he wanted with him on earth. He created the plants, animals, and the first man and woman. Out of the trunk and leaves of the coconut trees, Bathala built a house for the people. The first people drank the coconut juice and ate its delicious white meat for food. They used the leaves of the coconut trees for making mats, hats, and brooms. They also used the fibers of coconut trunk for making rope and many other things.


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