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Philippine Mythology: Amihan Hoodie

Philippine Mythology: Amihan Hoodie



Indulge in the ethereal beauty and grace of Philippine mythology with our streetwear collection featuring the enchanting Amihan! Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of Filipino folklore as you adorn yourself with our stylish and trendy apparel. From T-shirts to hoodies, our designs pay homage to Amihan, the goddess of the northeast wind and guardian of purity and kindness. Embrace the serenity and elegance of Amihan in every garment you wear. Make a fashion statement that reflects the timeless allure of Philippine mythology. Shop now and let Amihan elevate your style to new heights of elegance.

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Amihan is a genderless deity that is depicted as a bird in the Philippine mythology. According to the Tagalog folklore, Amihan is the first creature to inhabit the universe, along with the gods called Bathala and Aman Sinaya. In the legend Amihan is described as a bird who saves the first human beings, Malakas and Maganda from a bamboo plant. Amihan is also depicted with Habagat which explains the wind patterns in the country. In one legend they are depicted as children of the supreme deity Bathala. They are allowed by their father to play in turns per half a year since having the two play together causes destruction in the land. Amihan is depicted as the gentler sister while Habagat is depicted as the more active brother. In another legend, Amihan is depicted as a giant who is at war with another giant Habagat.


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