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Episode 7: The Beauty of Being Misunderstood

Pick Ya Brain Podcast is a platform to showcase creatives, social issues, mental health, and community empowerment. For this segment portion of the podcast, we dive into the topic of being misunderstood. Is it beautiful? Does it make you feel ostracized? Do you cherish that feeling? Do you hate being misunderstood? We answer all these questions. Our sponsor for this podcast is free lunch coffee, which is a company that gives 50% of their profits to fight against world hunger. They sell coffee, tumblers, & mugs. Use discount code 'Brain' for a 10% discount. Go to .

This podcast is also sponsored by one of our hosts' DJ Asthmatc. He streams every Tuesday at 8pm with DJ Rychuu & Smakalak.

They are raising money for NAFCON, which is an action-oriented alliance promoting the rights & well-being of Filipinos. All the donations will go towards the NAFCON 2020 Typhoon Relief Fund. You can find them on instagram

@nafconusa or .

Donate to @djasthmatc on venmo!

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