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Custom Baybayin

I did an email campaign asking our subscribers to give me a tagalog word and I would write it in baybayin. Heres the list.

I will add more as more request comes in.

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Perserverance - Tiyaga

Stars - Tala

Hope - Pagasa

Strong - Malakas

Warrior - Mandirigma

I Love You - Mahal Kita

Together, - Magkasama

Villain - Kontrabida

Humming Bird

Theres no tagalog word for Family, Pamilya but its derived from spanish. The tagalog word that describes family is Angkan which means tribe.

Beloved, Darling, love - Irog

Himagsik means rebellion, revolt or revolution. You can also use Rebolusyon

Moon - Buwan


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