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4/20 OAKLAND: End US Military Aid to the Philippines! Hip Hop x Speaking Tour

Join us for dinner, performances, and speakers from the people's movement in the Philippines, who will share about the deteriorating human rights situation under the Duterte regime -- and the organizing in resistance. What is the role of U.S. military aid -- in funding Duterte's brutal War on Drugs, Martial Law in Mindanao, and worsening attacks on indigenous communities, labor leaders, journalists, and human rights defenders? What can we do in solidarity?

Saturday at 4 PM – 6:30 PM4

East Side Arts Alliance

2277 International Blvd,

Oakland, California 94606 FEATURING: A guest performance by hip hop artists all the way from the Philippines! The Sandata Collective: Progressive rappers using their art to spread the truth about the Duterte's "War on Drugs" in the Philippines, and build bridges with communities in the U.S. Sandata is comprised of progressive Filipino activist rappers BLKD and Calix, playwright and screenwriter Mixkaela Villalon, and development workers and researchers Tanya Quijano, Abbey Pangilinan, and Ica Fernandez. SHARINGS by: Ed Cubelo, Vice Chair of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May 1st Movement), a militant labor union in the Philippines Mong Palatino, Chair of BAYAN Metro Manila, who formerly served two terms in the Philippine House of Representatives, representing the youth sector TBA! SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 26 -- artists' sharing and concert with Sandata Collective! Organized by: Philippines-U.S. Solidarity Organization (PUSO) East Bay, Anakbayan East Bay

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