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Blazi Blah EP 1: Jean JT Teodoro: Paper Trail of FREEDOM

Paper Trail of FREEDOM is a collection of poems about love and loss, leading to the author’s lifelong dedication to environmental and social justice activism.

In "Twin Tongue," a child finds a new home in the United States but stands at the crossroads between assimilation and resistance. "Talisman" paints a liberated and triumphant future rid of corporate greed and control from the bureaucratic few. And in "San Francisco to Salupongan," readers return to the Philippines, only to find sacred ancestral lands plundered with brutal force. Among the forests and across the rivers, a thunderous march from all walks of life converge to defend the abundant life, still resisting – clamoring for a greater world.

This debut publication by poet jxtheo, in collaboration with visual artist Malaya Tuyay, strives to embolden a new generation of freedom fighters with narratives of self-actualization. It is a celebration of the tales & lived experiences of loved ones who have passed, and an adoration for the process of finding kinship, love, & a more profound purpose.

Joyful Salute,



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