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My favorite Filipino seasonings and condiments logo written in baybayin.

I grew up on UFC banana ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar that makes that adobo so bomb!!

So i wanted to see what these familiar logos would look like written in baybayin.

So i made a few

Below are some examples:

I also recently learned that most of these brands are owned by one company, which is NUTRIASIA.

Nutriasia has a monopoly on the Philippines seasoning and condiments.

Heres a list of the company under the Nutriasia brand.

Datu Puti

Silver Swan

Mang Tomas



Golden Fiesta


Nutriasia workers are demanding to end the practice of contractualization and regularize the workforce. As a contractual worker, they do not receive any benefits and they don't have any job security.

Recently, there have been some illegal terminations.

Article from Bulatlat below:

He (company representative) said it is prohibited to form a union, what nonsense! Even the clapping of hands is against the law? He is making up these laws. There is nothing in the law that prohibits the clapping of hands. read more...

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