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Warriors 4 Just Peace: Viewing Party, Fundraiser & Report Back

Tomorrow at 6 PM - 9 PM

Doors Open- 5:30 PM Game Starts- 6 PM

EastSide Arts Alliance Annex

2277 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94606

Sincere apologies to all the non-basketball/Warriors fans out there. But Friday is Game 4 of the Warriors. Honoring the fact that East Oakland (where we are holding our report back) is indeed Warriors country, we are scheduling another report back at a later date and holding a Warriors Viewing Party/fundraiser with a report back at half-time. This is because we want to honor both things (our report back and the Warriors) and be able to celebrate them both with our communities. So shifting gears real fast. Please spread the word. With the announcement of Martial Law in Mindanao where we visited, the communities we visited are in need of support. So we really want your donations & your presence. We will be giving updates on the Philippines and doing a solidarity photo op while there to show concrete support for the movement and for the cause of Just Peace in the Philippines. This will not only be a fun safe space to watch the game with community, but a way to support the Filipino people who are rising against Martial Law and calling for the Peace Talks to continue. The money we raise will go to support communities in Marawi impacted by violence caused by the Islamic State (IS) militants affiliated Maute Group and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). We'll have some snacks and drinks available for donation. Show your support & ♥! If you can't attend, please donate: ---------------------- This winter, organizers from Anakbayan East Bay, BAYAN USA, ICHRP NorCal, & TGI Justice Project traveled to the Philippines to bridge our struggles for self-determination and liberation. With the election of Trump and the resumption of Peace Talks in the Philippines, this is a crucial time for us to continue building our international movement in defense of our communities in the US and fighting for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines. Through our travels, we integrated with political prisoners and indigenous communities, cultural workers and health care workers. Learning from their struggles, we saw the many ways that all sectors are working together to pave the path to the Philippines being an independent, democratic and thriving nation. Join us for stories, examples of peoples' victories and next steps as we advance our collective liberation.

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