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ᜂᜄᜆ͓ Ugat / Know Your Roots Hoodie

ᜂᜄᜆ͓ Ugat / Know Your Roots Hoodie

Ugat / Know Your Roots Hoodie


Rooted in Strength: Embrace Your Filipino Roots

Introducing our "Rooted in Strength" collection, where fashion meets heritage in a powerful celebration of Filipino identity. This collection takes inspiration from the majestic tree, a symbol of endurance, growth, and resilience. The image of a tree with its roots deeply embedded in the earth is a visual representation of our rich Filipino roots, anchoring us in our history while propelling us towards a vibrant future.


A Visual Ode to Heritage

Our "Rooted in Strength" collection captures the essence of Filipino culture through the symbol of the tree. The intricate design showcases the strong, sprawling roots that mirror our diverse origins, weaving together stories from different corners of the Philippines. Just as a tree draws nourishment from the soil, our collection draws inspiration from our shared heritage.


Wear Your Heritage

Wearing a piece from the "Rooted in Strength" collection is more than just wearing clothing; it's a statement of pride and connection. The image of the tree with its majestic roots serves as a reminder that our identity is deeply intertwined with our history. With each garment, you carry a piece of our Filipino story, a story of strength, unity, and resilience.


A Call to Unity

The "Rooted in Strength" collection extends an invitation to all Filipinos, both near and far, to stand united. Just as the branches of a tree reach towards the sky, we too reach for our aspirations while staying grounded in our values. Each design is a testament to our shared experiences, culture, and the beauty of our differences.



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