Kare Kare

Kare Kare

Origins of the Kare Kare.

Other people believe that this Filipino dish was originated in Pampanga, also known as the Culinary Center of the Philippines. Traditionally, Kare-kare is made up of beef, oxtail, peanut sauce, and vegetables like eggplant, pechay, heart of banana and green beans. The perfect partner of kare-kare is the shrimp paste (also known as bagoong).

Some studies claimed that kare-kare was acquired from the Indian word “curry” and the dish was first introduced by Indians many years ago. There is also another study about where kare-kare came from. The study stated that kare-kare was started since Spanish era and kare-kare is usually served as a special dish for the Moro elite. But there is a contradicting story about that.

In other study they emphasize that Japanese are the one who brought the kare-kare in the Philippines during pre-colonial era. For Americans kare-kare is not a dish because of the oxtail ingredients. Most of the time people don’t like to eat the oxtail because of its unpleasing appearance. But some Filipinos prefer to use oxtail and other unusual part of beef as main ingredients of kare-kare.

The kare-kare dish is also popular menu in a feast, especially if it is served with a delicious shrimp paste. What makes kare-kare a unique dish is the idea that the soup of it is made of peanut.