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ᜃᜎᜊ - Kalabaw Crewneck

ᜃᜎᜊ - Kalabaw Crewneck

Welcome to our streetwear collection featuring the captivating "Pilipinas" design, adorned with the majestic image of the carabao, our beloved national animal. Embrace the spirit of Filipino pride with our unique streetwear apparel that showcases the beauty and significance of the Philippines.

The "Pilipinas" design captures the essence of our nation's cultural heritage, symbolized by the iconic carabao. With its powerful imagery and meaningful representation, this design stands as a testament to our connection with nature and the rich traditions that define us as Filipinos.


The carabao, also known as the Philippine water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis carabanesis), has a rich history and plays a significant role in the rural farming areas of the Philippines. Its presence dates back to ancient times, and it remains an essential part of Filipino agriculture and culture to this day.

Historically, the carabao has been revered as a symbol of strength, resilience, and hard work in Filipino society. Before the arrival of modern agricultural machinery, carabaos were the primary draft animals used for plowing rice fields and transporting heavy loads. They played a crucial role in tilling the soil, which is a labor-intensive task in traditional rice farming.

The carabao's importance to rural farming areas in the Philippines cannot be overstated. It is often referred to as the "farmer's best friend" due to its ability to endure hard work in the fields and its willingness to serve as a reliable partner for Filipino farmers. The carabao's sturdy build and strong work ethic make it well-suited for the demanding tasks involved in traditional farming practices.

In rural areas, carabaos are not only used for farming but are also part of the farmers' livelihoods. They provide milk, which is used to make traditional dairy products like carabao cheese and pastillas. Additionally, carabao meat is consumed, and their hides are used to make leather goods.

Beyond their utilitarian value, carabaos hold cultural significance for Filipinos. They are often featured in folklore, traditional songs, and dances, reflecting the deep connection between the people and these gentle creatures.

While modern farming practices and technology have gradually replaced carabaos with machinery in some areas, they remain an integral part of the rural farming landscape. The sight of carabaos plowing the fields is a reminder of the Philippines' agricultural heritage and the hard work and dedication of Filipino farmers.

Overall, the carabao's historical significance and continued presence in the rural farming areas of the Philippines make it a cherished and revered symbol of the country's agricultural heritage and the enduring spirit of its people.


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